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Ocean & Earth Signal Blocking Car Key Fob Pouch for Key Vaults

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If you need to store your car key remote fob when you are at the beach or away from your car the Signal Blocking Key Pouch from Ocean and Earth, can be used with your key vault to block the close proximity sensor signal in your key fob. This will ensure that you car will remain locked when your key vault is attached to your car.


  • For use with close proximity car key remotes and fobs
  • Constructed using technical materials that block signals from close proximity car keys
  • Designed for use with the Ocean & Earth key vault SARX28 or SARX43 (sold separately)


  • Lock your car
  • Place proximity car key inside pouch (SARX28 or SARX43)
  • Seal pouch, then place inside a key vault
  • Lock key vault