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Ocean & Earth Combination Car Key Lock Vault for Swimming and Surfing

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Never worry about getting your car keys stolen or losing them in the sand on your next trip to the beach. This revolutionary combination key lock vault is a safe and secure way to store your car keys when you park your car at the beach.  This key locker features a 4-digit combination lock, is weatherproof and made of toughened steel. It can be attached to the tow hitch of your car.


  • Fits Most keys and fobs
  • Internal size 69mm wide x 74mm high x 22mm deep
  • Weight - Approx 600g
  • Dial code combination locking
  • Large key storage area - fits most key types
  • Heavy duty toughened steel metal case
  • Weatherproof Cover


  • If you have a proximity remote car key fob, use the Ocean & Earth Signal Blocking Car Key Fob Pouch (Product Code SARX53) to prevent the car from opening when you are not present.