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Duro Bicycle Tyre Tube for 700c Bike Tyres Size 700 x 35/43C Schrader Valve

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  • For 700c Type Tyres
  • Fits Size 700 x 35/43C Tyres
  • 3.5mm Schrader Valve
  • Tube only - Does not include tyre
  • Part Number 4604

Fitting Instructions:

  • Slightly inflate the tube so it takes shape
  • Insert the tube into the tyre
  • Push the valve stem through the hole in the rim
  • Install the tyre bead on ones side of the tyre starting at the valve
  • Repeat for the other tyre bead. Ensure the tube is not pinched between the bead and the rim. Do not use tools. Do this by hand only.
  • Lightly inflate the tyre further and ensure the tyre is seated around the entire rim
  • Continue to inflate to the indicated pressure found on the side of the tyre.

Prior to purchasing this, please check your current bike's tyre size. Please contact us for further assistance if required.