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DG's 1 Litre Prevent-A-Flat Tyre Sealant for Tubed Tyres with Built in Applicator

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Never worry about flat tyres again. When Prevent-A-Flat Tyre Sealant is squirted into your tyres the sealant bonds to the tyre forcing the puncture to seal. If the tyre ever goes flat, all you need to do is pump them up and spin and the Prevent-A-Flat will seal the holes as long as you remove the problem causing the puncture before applying the sealant.


  • Can be used on bicycles, off road tyres, agricultural machinery, ride on mowers, motor bikes, 4x4 vehicles, etc
  • Seals tread area punctures of up to 6mm diameter objects and also rim and bead leaks in tubeless heavy duty tyres.
  • A 1 Litre bottle will roughly do 8 bike tubes, 2 ATV Motorcycle tyre, 4 small ride on mower tyres, 4 motor bike tyres or 2 light commercial tyre.