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Bilby Breeze Lightweight Bottle Green Wide Brim Hat with Ventilated Mesh Gusset

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The Bilby Breeze is a quality wide brim hat made in Australia by Newcastle Hats. This hat features a ventilated mesh gusset with additional eyelets and a padded brim and crown with double sided cotton. Whether you are at the beach, on the golf course, at a worksite or in the garden, this high-quality UPF50+ rated hat is a must-have.


  • Classic wide brim hat style made in Australia by Newcastle Hats
  • Breathable open mesh gusset
  • Brim and top made from UPF 50+ rated double sided cotton drill
  • 9cm brim with brimlock edging
  • Built in absorbent brow lining

 Available in 5 Sizes

  • XS = 52 - 53CM
  • S = 54 - 55cm
  • M=56 - 57cm
  • L = 58 - 59cm
  • XL = 60 - 61cm