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Spring Loaded Ladies/Kids Bike Crossbar Adaptor For Car Bike Rack 38-62cm

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It's always the ladies bikes or the kids bikes that cause issues when packing them up for a trip on the tow rack, well don't get caught out again, this converter bar will allow all dual suspension, girls, ladies and kids bikes with low top tubes to be carried on car bike racks. They are simple and easy to use.  Simply hook one end of the adaptor to the stem under the handlebars and the other end to the seat post and load your bike on to the car rack.

Features include:

  • Measurements (38-62cm) Fully adjustable (telescopic) to suit all styles of bikes
  • Perfect for travelling, storage or maintaining on a work stand
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Fits easily and securely to your bicycle
  • Material - Steel with rubber dipped ends to protect your bike
  • 15kg Maximum load