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Mirage Rayzor Silencer 750 Pursuit High Grade Anodised Aluminium Speargun 750mm

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This gun range combines “High Quality & Contemporary Designs at an Affordable Price points. Everything a Spearo needs without extending the mortgage. All Mirage Rayzor Spearfishing Products feature premium quality to ensure high performance & great durability. Mirage has incorporated aerospace-grade anodised aluminium combined with stainless steel components to boost longevity. Saltwater damage will not be a problem for these guns.

A super compact spear gun that packs huge performance into such a small space. Ideal for beginners for recreational pursuits.


  • 7mm spring-loaded steel shaft, dramatically increases speed.
  • Tri-cut point to minimize drag and increase the maximum velocity of the gun.
  • Double the power of the gun by using a second bolster loop (extra loop not included); easily slots into the second position of the double-notched spear that comes with the Pursuit 1000. The additional stress is then smoothed out by a bungee shock-cord that enhances the durability of the monofilament line.
  • Single-topper tip is provided with the harpoon. These tips travel swiftly through the water because they are designed to minimize drag. Single-toppers are great for beginners and intermediate spearfishermen because of how quickly they can be reloaded.
  • For increased safety, there is a rapid-access safety switch on the top of the gun.
  • Great for short distance usage


  • 750mm in length
  • 7mm spring-loaded steel shaft
  • Aerospace-grade anodised aluminium construction
  • Automatic line release
  • Double-notched shafts for adding second booster loop to each shot
  • Durable stainless steel fittings in handle for durability
  • Dyneema cord bridle prevents shaft abrasion
  • Extra tabs on side of barrel allow for line extension
  • Line-float clip and heavy-duty shackle attached to base of handle
  • Monofilament line with 400lb breaking strain
  • Monofilament connected shaft's base to minimize drag
  • Monofilament durability boosted by bungee shock-cord
  • Single-flopper harpoon tip reduces drag
  • Top-mounted safety switch for rapid access
  • Tri-cut point increases velocity