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XTM Merino Thermal Boxer Shorts-Black-L

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Keep your touche toastie this winter with these 100% Australian Merino wool boxer shorts, great for PJ's or just to keep you warm this winter.


  • Merino wool offers a set of specific qualities that simply can’t be found in any other fabric.
  • Merino wool is itch free because its fibres are a lot finer than the course fibres of traditional wool.
  • The fine merino fibres also create millions of small air pockets trapping your body heat and keep you warm when it’s cold.
  • When temperatures are up, merino wool will wick moisture away and keep you dry and cool.
  • As an added bonus, nasty bacteria that makes you smell like you’ve missed the shower completely don’t stand a chance due to merino’s natural anti-microbial properties.
  • Finally, merino is a 100% natural, renewable and sustainable product.
  • Mercerised superfine merino is extremely soft
  • Comfortable and 100% itch free
  • Temperature regulating - cool in the heat, warm when it's cold
  • Anti-odour - even after days of wear