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XTech Boost CO2 Tyre Inflator with 4 x 16G Cartridges

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If you have ever had a flat at the worst possible moment in the rain, at night, when you're in a rush - or ALL 3 at the same time, you need the the convenience of CO2 inflation!

Mini Pumps are an essential part of your tool kit riding gear, don't muck around with tyre levers and a patch kit, when you need to be back riding in seconds, rather than minutes the CO2 is the only way to GO!


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Fits both Presta & Shrader valves without the need for adaptors
  • Includes insulated cover to prevent frozen hands
  • Adjustable air flow (Regulator & Controller model only)
  • Suitable for use with bicycles & motorcycles
  • Includes CO2 Cartridges