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THH T-70 Shorty Adult Quad Bike Graphic Helmet

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The new T-70 if the latest shorty design helmet to replace the older T-5 and T69 helmets.

A quad bike can be a useful piece of equipment but, as with any farm equipment, it can have serious safety risks when used incorrectly.

The T-70 helmet features:

  • Australian Standards Approved
  • High Quality Graphic Finish
  • Poly-carbonate construction
  • Imporved lower smaller overall fit
  • Double D-ring retention system

Quad bikes are no different to any other motorcycle when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE). It is important to meet your legal requirements when itcomes to wearing PPE in the workplace – ensure you comply with the advice provided in the owner’s manual.
Typical PPE other than helmets include:
Eye protection
Hand protection
Sturdy footwear