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Tacx Satori Smart Bicycle Wind Trainer T2400

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Crap weather this Winter ... never fear interactive TACX Trainers are here ... Satori Smart cycle-trainer uses complex technology in a user-friendly fashion. You can connect the Satori to the Tacx Cycling apps quickly and easily. The Neodymium magnetic resistance unit is fitted with a system that measures the position of the magnet. It communicates to the tablet or smartphone using ANT+ or Bluetooth® wireless technology. The resistance has to set manually, but the screen displays your power output, speed and cadence. A coach can closely monitor your performance closely. The Satori focuses on improving your power as well as suppleness. The Satori is suitable for simple training sessions such as a cooling down and endurance training. Features • Software PC/laptop Tacx Cycling app • Operation Handlebar resistance lever • Resistance unit Magnetic • Realistic slope 10 positions • Descent simulation - • Max brake power (10 sec.) 950 Watt • Sprint power (1 min.) 800 Watt • Mass inertia 16.93 kg 1 Flywheel effect: the higher the value, the more realistic the cycling experience Magnetic Brake The magnetic brake has a simpler braking system and is therefore ideal for straightforward training sessions such as warming up before a race and endurance training. The road is simulated using different positions that you adjust yourself. The Satori works with a magnetic brake. The position of the magnets can be adjusted so that the resistance is adjustable. The Satori Motion has a handlebar resistance lever the resistance can be set with in 10 positions. With these different positions a climb or headwind can be simulated. Max brake power is 950 Watt.