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TACX Fortius Multiplayer Virtual Reality Trainer & Software 3

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Included in this price is the roller & software ONLY - you need your own bike, TV Screen & computer.

Join the world of Tacx and become addicted to indoor cycling. With the Tacx Trainer software 3.0 you integrate your VR trainer and your computer and transform them into a team with unlimited possibilities. New worlds unfold before you on your monitor and turn cycling at home into a spectacular event – that always will be continued. With the Real Life Video films, for example, you can bring the world’s most famous hills and mountains to life on your computer and immediately climb them. Even though the Madonna del Ghisallo and the Cauberg are almost a thousand kilometres apart, you can still conquer both of these legendary climbs the same evening at home. Or train together with Tom Boonen and his Quick Step team in Spain.

You see before you what would actually be seen and the equipment simulates all the elements that make the tour a real-life experience. Going uphill the resistance increases, easing off as you go downhill. Using the control panels on the handlebar you can constantly check your performances, like heart rate, power, speed and pedaling frequency. It’s even better than during a real run. And anyone who has planned a run like that, can prepare himself thoroughly by already exploring the tough sections in advance.

The Tacx Trainer software 3.0 has much more to offer. The five different Virtual Reality terrains guarantee hours of cycling fun. Ride on a real cycle track, test your bike handling skills on the mountain bike, conquer hairpin bends and stay cool during James Bond-like descents. Tacx’s virtual riders move realistically with a superb pedaling style. They rise from the saddle, shift gear, sprint – and celebrate.

Virtual Reality
Five animated terrains for mountain bikes, race and track bikes with virtual 3D riders. Climbing, descending, ski-jumps, tunnels and sensationally sharp turns: there is something for everyone.

Films for VR trainers
Choice of many films of legendary stages and cycling classics (optional). The Tour of Flanders, the Amstel Gold Race and the Tour de France climbs all come to life on your screen.

Real Life Training
With gps everything is possible. The combination of geographical data and 3D maps makes it possible to relive your outdoor training ride completely at home. Lifelike, but without the disadvantages of outdoor cycling. No rain, no cold.

Professional training programs and fitness tests for a scientific analysis. Train on heart rate, power, speed or cadence. Follow your development and become a better rider step by step.

Compete on the internet against real opponents, wherever in the world they are. Log in on the server and join a race, or organize one yourself.

You will need your own computer to set this up on - the system requirements can be found on the TACX website.