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Renthal R4 SRS Chain O-Ring 525 Pitch C344

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Renthal’s R4 SRS Road chain is a specially developed sealed ring chain utilizing Renthal’s Self Regulating Seal (SRS) technology to increase the service life of the chain in road applications. The special SRS ring is pre-loaded during assembly creating a spring effect. As the chain wears, conventional o-rings and x-rings lose their seal, however the SRS ring has the ability to unload itself during use keeping a tighter seal against the side plates. This offers increased longevity as the specially formulated grease remains trapped around the critical pin and bushing area longer while also keeping dirt, water and other contaminants out.

SRS ring technology enhances chain flexibility and offers smoother operation than standard o-ring chains
All R4 SRS Road chains feature high alloy steel plates and pins, solid bushings and rollers, shot peened side plates for added strength and gold side plates
Special quad riveting process and thicker outer plates increases overall strength
Chains come pre-stretched from the factory so less adjustment is needed during initial break in
Every chain comes with a pair of latex gloves for mess free installation
Available in 520, 525 and 530 pitch, average tensile strength is as follows:

R4 SRS 520 – 8093 lbf
R4 SRS 525 – 8992 lbf
R4 SRS 530 – 9330 lbf

The Renthal "Road R4" chain is supplied with a solid pin rivet link, matching the durability of the chain.

Suitable for all road bikers that use a 525-pitch chain, and all track or race bikes that have had a 520 conversion.