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Mirage Stinger Suit Adult HOODLESS WBDL

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Mirage Stinger Suits are of the Highest Quality at an Affordable Price. These Stinger suits are designed for ultimate UV & Stinger protection. They are cut for flexibility & greater ease of movement. SPF 50 + and Flatlock stitched and have stirrups!

When you are in the water, protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun needs more than a simple application of sunscreen.

Stinger Suits and Rash Shirts offer SPF 50+ sun protection for you and your family with the added benefit of protecting from stingers, jellyfish & blue bottles.

Studies have shown that stinger suits are effective in reducing the risk of Irukandji Syndrome by reducing the risk of contact with the related jellyfish such as the box jelly fish and others. When in a marine environment using lycra stinger suits are "the best choice for routine-use stinger-protective clothing." from nasty stings from the creatures and the sun!

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