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Mirage Rayzor Enforcer Pneumatic Spear Fishing Gun 500mm

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The Mirage Enforcer Pneumatic Spear Fishing Gun combines High Quality & a contemporary designs at an affordable price. Everything a Spearo needs without extending the mortgage. All Mirage Rayzor Spearfishing Products feature premium quality to ensure high performance & great durability. Mirage has incorporated aerospace-grade anodised aluminium combined with stainless steel components to boost longevity. Saltwater damage will not be a problem for these guns.

Pneumatic gun advantages over rubber powered spearguns:

  • Greater power
  • Multiple shots without re-pressuring
  • Increased mobility underwater

Other key features and benefits include:

  • Aerospace grade anodised aluminium construction for maximum corrosion protection
  • Adjustable power setting for bluewater or rocky surroundings
  • 8mm hardened spring steel shaft (brass plated then powder coated for extra strength)
  • Spearhead, conical tip with double flopper-7mm
  • Spear loader provided for easy re-loading
  • Super strong line cord for extra durability
  • High quality air pump for re-pressuring