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Jobe Guru Spectra Wakeboard Rope & Handle Pack

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The Jobe Guru is for the experienced "guru" riders. It has a comfortable and grippy handle. Its multiple length sections ensure you get your perfect length ride.

The Jobe Guru Spectra set has a 15" diamond handle with a 4 section 70ft Spectra mainline.

Nylon Grip: An excellent sticky nylon grip with a soft touch and slick graphics.
Pencil Floats: Slim EVA floats that improve the floatability of the handle.
PE Coated: Includes a polyethylene coating that improve floatation; makes the rope stiffer and prevents knotting.
15" Handle: For the big boys! Perfect for handle passes.
70ft Main: Includes 70ft Spectra Mainline.
4 Section Main: 70ft Mainline features shortenings at 55+5+5+5.