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Intensity Mens Barefoot Extreme V Neoprene Buoyancy Suit

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Walk on water this summer with these awesome Intensity Barefoot Buoyancy suits - PFD 3 approved.

Intensity products come with a quality that they have been famous for for decades and that together with their unbeatable after sale service puts their company and product ahead of the rest.


  • 15mm Full Wrap torso padding
  • Extra chest and rib protection
  • 10mm butt and crotch pads
  • Quad drain holes
  • Leg straps

Size S = 86-91cm, 76-81cm, 86-91cm, 168-173cm
Size M = 91-96cm, 81-86cm, 91-96cm, 173-178cm
Size L = 96-102cm, 86-91cm, 96-102cm, 178-183cm
Size XL = 102-107cm, 91-96cm, 102-107cm, 183-188cm
Size XXL = 107-112cm, 96-102cm, 107-112cm, 188-193cm
Size XXXL = 112-117cm, 102-112cm, 112-117cm, 188-193cm
Size XXXXL = 117-122cm, 112-117cm, 117-122cm, 188-193cm
*To be used as a guide only