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Williams Mens Sector Neoprene Buoyancy Vest

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The Craziwave Kayak is a great "next step" kayak for children aged 9-16. It has been designed specifically for kids and can be easily handled even by an active child as it only weighs 16kg. Craziwave kid's kayaks come in a great range of fun colours and they have a lively but super-stable hull so are perfect for children.

They are a single piece rotationally moulded design so there are no seams or joints, which gives unbeatable strength and water tightness. The integral carrry handles don't just make them really easy to move around, they also make the perfect place for security chains or cables to go when the kayak is not in use.

The Craziwave has a small 100mm rear hatch for storing things and keeping them dry and the cockpit is self draining so it won't fill up with water. The compact size (length 260cm) and light weight (16kg) makes them effortless to transport and store.

Fantastic range of fun colours
Lively but stable hull.
Made from a durable roto-moulded plastic.
Small 100mm rear hatch
Integral carry handles.
Self draining cockpit (won't fill up)
Length 260 cm
Width 58cm
Weight 16kg
Capacity 60kg
Ocean Surf Capability <= 50cm
Max Water State = Class 2