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Bull It Denim Laser4 Dirty Wash Regular Motorcycle Jeans

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Bull It is the worlds safest denim product for motocycle riding - not only are they the safest, they allow a stylish transition off the bike straight into the bar or function ... you just need to worry about your hair after taking off the helmet! The Bull-it Jeans Covec™ Laser 4 Jeans & Jackets are exceptionally high spec Features: Covec™ Laser 4 – Dirty Wash – Made with a slight stretch blue denim with a grunge wash, a 5 pocket design with tailored waist band and rear pocket closures secured with Velcro. The Dirty Wash with Covec™ Laser 4 inside covered with a comfort mesh, Knee armour pockets and hip armour retainers, inside seem colour trim for stylish turn up option Bull-it protection is 148% STRONGER than any other known brands. There are no performance jeans on the market that offer the same protection level as BULL-IT. Aramids absorb moisture including humidity, sweat and rain. When an aramid gets moist in any one of these ways its performance is greatly undermined. The Bull It LCP protection liner absorbs moisture at only one tenth of 1%. The performance of Bull It's liner is not affected when wet to any noticeable degree. Cut resistance, another key requirement in conjunction with abrasion resistance, these two elements are very important to prevent abrasion injury. Bull-it cut resistant liner out-performs aramids 3 times over. The Bull It LCP was tested to 3.4 pounds per cut compared to aramids’ best of 1.1 pounds per cut. Covec™ Laser4 offers the best allround protection It’s a material offering the highest possible cut strength, greater than aramids and High Modulus Polyethylene. It’s a material offering the highest possible abrasion resistance, greater than aramids and High Modulus Polyethylene. It has low thermal conductivity (you don’t want high in jeans), this keeps the heat from road friction away from your skin.