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Ceiling Mounted Bike Storage Pulley System Hanger For Garage

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Do you have those annoying items in the shed or garage that are always in the way? There is no better way to store them safely and conveniently than using these ceiling mounted pulley hoist system. It uses the space you normally cannot use and it keeps your bike or whatever other item safe and out of your floor space. The system may look a little complicated but it is easy to set up and use. Just attach the hooks to your "in the way item" and pull on the rope to raise and lock it in the air, then loosen the rope to lower it back down.

The pulley system is professionally engineered to lift even heavy bikes with ease. Each pull of the rope ensures the bike is safely locked in place


  • Max Weight 20kgs
  • Fast and easy ceiling mounting
  • For ceiling heights up to 4m
  • With Clamp