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American Classic 26 All Mountain Tubeless Wheel Set

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The new All Mountain Tubeless Disc wheel set is the stronger, workhorse version of the proven American Classic cross country tubeless wheels.

They are durable for extremes such as drops, rough terrain and high speed. Light enough for accelerating, quick handling and firm control. Our stiff front axle systems resist fork flex.

The new All Mountain rims are 28mm wide x 23mm deep to stiffen the tyre and wheel-ground response and can handle the extra duty of free riding. Bead barb technology hooks on the tyre bead to help keep the tyre in place. Wheels are tubeless with pre-installed AC 25mm tubeless tape and AC valves, and use your favorite tyres with sealant.

The wheels can also be ridden with a regular tyre and tube setup. Many choices of disc hubs to dial in your equipment needs. When you are pushing the limits, this All Mountain wheel set can handle it.


  • DISCIPLINE: MTB Cross Country / All Mountain
  • RIMS: New All Mountain Tubeless Aluminum Disc Rims 26”
  • SPOKES: AC 14 / 15 Gauge Spokes Black, AC Aluminum Nipples Silver, 32h 3-Cross Front and Rear
  • WEIGHT: Front 721gr Rear 825gr Pair 1608gr
  • HUBS / SPACING: Front Disc 130 100mm, 15mm Thru Axle Disc 100mm or 20mm Thru Axle Disc 110mm, Rear Disc 225 135mm, All Mountain Disc Thru Axle 135mm or Downhill Disc Thru Axle 150mm, X-12 Thru Axle Disc Rear
  • BRAKE INTERFACE: 6 Bolt International Standard
  • QUICK RELEASE Cromoly QR’s (Disc 130, Disc 225 only)

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