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Scala Rider Pack Talk Group Motorcycle Communication Intercom System

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The scala rider® PACKTALK™ introduces groundbreaking DMC™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology to re-define your riding experience. This new innovative technology introduces the 3rd generation of communication systems for riders, enabling your large rider groups to maintain constant connectivity through a virtual network that is both spontaneous and fluid. Each rider can randomly join, leave and re-join the others without compromising the conversation of the entire group. There is no equivalent in the entire motorcycle communication industry.

The PACKTALK incorporates DMC and Bluetooth® technologies to complement each other. The auto-adaptive nature of Cardo's DMC technology constantly forms and re-assembles itself to ensure that communication among a group of riders remains uninterrupted, irrespective of the ever-changing environment. The complimentary Bluetooth mode gives you the freedom to conduct mobile calls, receive navigation instructions, listen to music (via A2DP or the built in FM radio) and connect via intercom with other Bluetooth communication systems. The PACKTALK is the world’s only system with dual communication technologies on board.

With the Cardo SmartSet app and its remote control feature, you may opt to use your smartphone or tablet to control your PACKTALK. Make intercom and phone calls, play music and radio, plus customize the settings - all from your Android or iOS mobile devices.

DMC™ Intercom mode for multi-party intercom calls over a virtual private network – with up to 15 riders
Unique design: Roller-wheel and flat-plate control panel
DMC Bridge™ allows passenger with Bluetooth-only device or outside mobile caller to join a PACKTALK group
Private Chat allows 1:1 conversation while no other group members can listen in
Up to 1 mile / 1.6 km Bike-to-Bike intercom and up to 8 km with 5 or more riders
4-Way Bluetooth Intercom Conferencing: 2 riders and their passengers or 3 separate riders (Full Duplex)
“1+8” Bluetooth Intercom Toggling: Toggle among 8 other riders
Click-to-Link® intercom for spontaneous conversation with other scala rider users nearby
Voice Command: Voice recognition technology for true hands-free operation
Cardo Gateway™: Enables non-Cardo headsets to connect via intercom
Intercom-to-Mobile: Calls switch automatically to mobile when out of range
Cardo SmartSet™ App for remote control and on-the-go setting customization
Cardo Community® platform for social features, device customization & software upgrades
Music Sharing™- Rider & Passenger listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP)
Parallel Audio-streaming Talk and listen to music at the same time
Hot-dial number (Customizable)
Make / Receive / Reject calls by voice command or at the push of a button, A2DP/AVRCP profile for wireless stereo from smartphones
Conference mode between outside caller, Rider-Passenger
Receive GPS navigation instructions via Bluetooth
Built-in FM Radio with RDS: 6 station presets with auto scan, Automatic selection of the strongest signal
Radio on time: 8-10 hours, Automatic radio muting for incoming calls
Connect wirelessly to MP3 players via A2DP for stereo music
Self-adjusting audio volume according to speed & ambient noise (Customizable)
Voice-control for receiving / rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls (Customizable)
Multilingual status announcements
Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones
Dual replaceable speakers (3.5 mm)
Up to 13 hours talk-time/ 1 week stand-by
Waterproof & Dustproof